Sunday, March 13, 2016

Epcot 2016

I cannot remember Epcot being more beautiful.  I have been in every season, but this late in the winter, I suppose they are gearing up for Flower and Garden 2016.  The flowers and topiary displays were gorgouse and imaginative and truly Disney-esque.  Our day at Epcot followed the Princess Half - Marathon and I was a little sore.  Since Epcot is our favorite park for eats and treats, it was the perfect day. ( #No guilt).

It was also our last day of vacation and I think everyone was determined it would be our best.  And it was!  The weather was most perfect.  It was sunny and 72 degrees. Epcot had fewer guests than I ever remember and we honestly waited for nothing.

We ate lunch in Japan - this one is a favorite of the other mouseketeers in the family.  They are huge hibachi fans.  It was a very good meal and the service here is fantastic.  I was biding my time, since I knew the best was yet to come.

Maybe just for a chance to sit, De and I watched the American Music Show in the good ole USA while John and Julia did the rides at the park's entrance.  One of John's favorites at Epcot is the funnel cake.  Now they are serving up pumpkin spice ones as well.

I think that is his Donald Duck Trump pout

De and I love to stroll around the world...

and we finished off our stroll back at Norway at what turned out to be the favorite meal of the trip for everyone.

Since Jules and I are admitted Disney Princess afficionados, this is the restaurant for us - cause they are all there!

Even though we said we would leave early to catch some zzzzz's before our oh so early flight back to Atlanta, we stayed through the fireworks and until the park closed.  We squeezeed every ounce of fun out of this trip and agreed we couldn't wait until the next one back...