Friday, January 15, 2016

Putting on The Ritz

It was a tough decision, but after some arm twisting, I decided to go. To the Ritz Carlton at Reynolds Plantation, that is.

 Last weekend, De had a few meetings there and it was a blast. De's buds from GHA are just  We had s'mores on Friday night at the hotel and then.... The Long Sleep. Since De had early morning meetings, I slept until practically lunch. #teenager.  We moseyed around the hotel and grounds some and then had dinner at Linger Longer Steakhouse.  That's where I met my new BFF, Donna. Sometimes, God puts people in your path and you know that he's up there just smiling and saying, "You're welcome".

The Lodge there provides plenty of opportunities for fun.  Here is something that De is particularly very good at.

But he was not unequaled in this skill...

Everytime I have every been here, it has been winter. And dreary.  I am sure that you can tell how beautiful this must be when it isn't misting and 34 degrees.

The decor inside is lodge like, but there are plenty of light filled spots, too.

And beautiful flower arrangements are literally everywhere.  That was one of my favorite things.  Now why didn't I get more pictures of those flowers?

Saturday night, the fabulous John Donn Band was playing at the lodge.  I really liked them and of course I had to go meet them.  Turns out, they are from the Athens area and will soon be playing The Melting Point. 

We had so much fun and the weekend went by so fast.  Before we knew it, Monday was here and it was business as usual:

#working like a dog

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