Monday, January 04, 2016

Home Alone at the ASO

To combat the "Christmas is over letdown" I think my entire family has every year, I planned something fun for January 2.  With the help of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, it was a lot of fun for everybody.  Yes, really.  Everybody.

For close to forever, our family Christmas Eve tradition has been to watch Home Alone 2 on Christmas Eve.  We go to church, have a family dinner with Nanny and then watch the movie.  While we suspect she did like the movie the first 15 times she saw it, Nanny usually requests a new movie. (#deaf ears).  Last year, we retraced many of Kevin's steps in the movie when we went to New York for Christmas. Read about that here.

When I saw that the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra would be showing Home Alone (the first one) and accompanying it with the full orchestra, I was all in.  Nothing says "holidays" like, "Keep the change ya filthy animal".

Keep The Change You Filthy animal Home Alone T-shirt

Just to try something new, we went to Cafe Agora near the Margaret Mitchell house.  This restaurant has authentic Mediterranean food and was maybe a little too authentic for us.  Then we went to the Woodruff Arts Center for the movie.  I say that like we just ambled over.  The two are within walking distance.  We never just amble anywhere in Atlanta.  We have to be lost at least once.  This time, our wanderings led us to the entrance of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens where the absolute most beautiful lights were shining at the entrance.  So for next year....

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