Friday, January 01, 2016

Fall Review Deux - NOHS Football Senior Night, October 30, 2015

The review continues...

NOHS Senior football night was one of the few games that didn't see rain.  We played Stephens County and John was a team captain that night.

 As a mom, it is hard to see the final season come to a close. This is the south and most of these boys - including John -  have been playing football since they were 5.  I know life holds far greater things for John than football, but I have to also realize that I will not be a regular spectator of those things. (Grab the Kleenex.)

I remember when he was 5, he played flag football.  For those little guys, no score was kept.  After his first game, he got in the car and was just so thrilled with the game, his coach and his team.  The score was the confusing part.  "Mom, did we win?", he wanted to know.  I asked him if he had fun.  He nodded enthusiastically and then I said, "then you won".  I'm pretty sure he didn't buy that and kept score of every game thereafter, but I'm also pretty sure he had fun playing them all, too.

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