Friday, January 01, 2016

December 2015 - Star Wars

We love movies.  When J&J were in elementary school, every Friday night was family movie night.  They still laugh because I made such a big deal out of ordering the movie (that was when they came in the mail, remember?) from Netflix, having a good supper and being ready to watch.  Then, I would promptly fall asleep as soon as the first scene was on.

Long before the Force Awakens release date of December 18, I had purchased my tickets from Fandango for the movie.  We all had Chinese at one of De's favorite places and then we went to see the movie.

I wish I had a picture of the group of kids that piled up in a neighborhood mom's tank of a Cadillac to see the first Star Wars movie at Newton Plaza during the summer of 1977.  With open car windows, we happily rolled down the interstate with no seat belts and no idea what to expect from this movie.  We loved it!  We were beyond thrilled when our friends' Mom didn't make us leave after the movie was over but let us sit through it again. (Those were the days).  Fast forwarding to 2015, we bought our movie tickets weeks in advance with a phone, piled into a car with plenty of seat belts and certainly could only watch the movie once with one ticket. While I did like this movie (and I did stay awake for it), I certainly didn't feel the magic of 1977 - but definitely a lot has changed since 1977.

Julia multitasked during all her favorite Christmas TV specials to get this puzzle put together.  She is like her Daddy - a true fan of the movies.  She admitted that this one was her least favorite and she misses the George Lucas influence on the movies, but as I mentioned, I enjoyed it and it kept me awake ;-)

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