Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 Review

Really there's no RE to it.  There was never the first view.  This is my attempt to catch up the blog after a super busy summer and fall. So before 2015 is just another blur in the memory file...(or in our case...another set of pictures deleted by mistake...) we're going back to August. (Are you kidding me? In January?) Right back to the beginning of the school year.  When August rolled in, I found myself with a senior and a sophomore. (#notgettingyounger) And that senior and that sophomore are very busy people.  No wonder the August blog updates come in January!

That same month, I went with De to St Simon's for a little R&R.  We were fortunate enough to stay at one of the best known resorts on the Georgia Coast, The King and Prince.

De was selected to participate in the Georgia Hospital Association's leadership program. As a result, he has attended meetings in fantastic places all over the state.  The trip to St Simon's was awesome as we ate at incredible restaurants, had a good time at the beach and had fun with the other participants in the program and their spouses.

We returned to reality and lots of ball games! Julia's schedule was consumed with volleyball and John's with football.

Thank goodness volleyball is played inside! This had to be the rainiest fall ever.  Most Friday night football games were soakers.  It was still fun and while the record was not the best the Titans have ever had, John had a great season and a great time.

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