Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 Holidays

Football and Volleyball seasons were over just in time for the holidays to begin.  It was probably one of the most fun Thanksgivings at Mama's in recent memory.  Lots of cousins came and everybody brought good food, good stories and good memories.  In a family as large as Mama's, it is rare that everyone attends when we gather and some were sorely missed. (You know who you are, you deserters of the south.) In fact, it was so much fun, I didn't take one picture!

We are a family who is very blessed and happy to have at least one day a year to get together and acknowledge that. (While eating pecan pie and talking about Weight Watchers recipes.)

Thanksgiving weekend, we did our annual "Kickoff Christmas".  We went to John's favorite restaurant in Atlanta, Houston's on Lenox Road.

Image result for houston's restaurant lenox road

We trekked through Phipps to see the Christmas tree there and caught a few sales at some of our favorite stores, then it was back home to decorate the tree that ate the Living Room. (#GriswoldFamilyChristmasTree)

At an estate sale in June, I lucked up on these two MacKenzie Childs Christmas topiaries that still had the tags on them. They looked great next to the windows that have not had a window treatment on them since May.  I painted this room, had plans to completely re do it, but those plans went about like the plans for keeping the blog updated.  While 2015 wasn't the best year for blogging or finishing decorating projects... (have I mentioned that I've been painting the master bathroom since April 6?),  I  was able to steal the idea for monograms with stockings from Dixie Delights and get that DIY project completed in a matter of minutes.

Everybody knows that it just ain't Christmas if you haven't had to break out the gold spray paint. That is just what I did.  While Julia was off volunteering at Mingle with Kringle, I took advantage of the fact that we had "July at Christmas" weather and headed outside to paint these monograms from Scrappin Plus.

We then began the work on our family picture for the Christmas card.  This usually is a time of whining, wailing and great gnashing of teeth, so I decided to fix them all.  This year, we'd do it at church.  Surely they wouldn't gripe and complain there.  They did.

but I used this one for the card because it was a better picture and much more natural... 

and being clean for the Christmas card is so overrated.

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