Saturday, October 10, 2015

Catching Up... Surprise in Sedona

The old blog had to take a back seat to so many things this summer and fall.  Finally, I decided to take this rainy Saturday morning and catch it up. Sooooo... going back to July:

De is the master of surprises.  Small or large, it doesn't matter.  Our honeymoon to Ireland was a surprise.  There have been mornings when I got in the car and there would be a new CD playing.  Jewelry has long been one of my favorite surprises - hint hint - and he has great taste when it comes to surprising me with clothes.  This summer's surprise may have just topped the charts, though.

"Pack casual clothes for being outside" was the only set of instructions that I got.  With John and Julia at Fun in the Son in Hilton Head with their youth group, we were taking off.  J&J left the morning of July 13 and so did we.  In different directions.  We were headed to the airport, but I had no idea where we would land.

The ticket said, "Phoenix".  Really? Phoenix? Is it not hot enough in Georgia?  I won't lie. I was a little disappointed.  We landed in Phoenix and you can bet I was wondering if this was it.  Well, it wasn't.  We connected to Flagstaff and began the journey to Sedona.  Oh, Sedona.  Much better.

Our view from Sunset Chateau

I'm not sure how De found A Sunset Chateau, but there couldn't be a better place to stay in Sedona. Our complimentary breakfasts there were worth the price alone.

In the mornings, it was cool enough to eat outside - and since we were still on Eastern Daylight Time, we were up bright and early...

Pictures of the dining area inside...

While there, we did a lot of eating....we had a fabulous dinner at an Italian restaurant and several meals at area Mexican restaurants.  We ate at Dahl and Di Luca and their famous Elote Mexican restaurant.  Both were considerably yummy.

Outside Dahl and Di Luca

The first day there, we decided to hike.  Yes. we. did.  We hiked.  This is not an activity either of us gravitate to, but we really enjoyed it.  It was hot, but certainly not humid though, and I think we both would do it again.

The proof is in the selfie

We texted John and Julia that we were hiking in Arizona and I am sure that they thought the end of days was at hand.

One of our next days there, we took a Pink Jeep Tour of Sedona.  Our guide was really knowledgeable about the geography, geology and topography of the area.  Okay, this was interesting, but.... what I really enjoyed was hearing about the movies filmed there and the movie stars - like Lucille Ball and even Walt Disney who had homes there.  We went on their "Broken Arow" tour and when we came home, we watched the movie.  It stars Jimmy Stewart and is really a very good old western.

Maybe the best part of this trip was crossing off one of my bucket items: SEE THE GRAND CANYON.

We left Sedona early and drove the 2 hours to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon.  Like most other national parks, The Grand Canyon saw record breaking numbers of visitors this summer.  For this reason, we tried to get there early and we did - though barely early enough.  We arrived a little before 10AM and the car lines were already backing up.  We waited about 20 minutes to enter and then were lucky enough to find a parking place immediately.  I mean lucky.  We later read that during peak travel times, people were forced to turn back as the lines were so long and there was no parking available.

Such a fun trip, from Nelly Bly's Kaleidoscope Store in Jerome, Arizona to hiking Soldier's Pass to seeing the Grand Canyon, it was a real departure from our everyday routine.

If you look closely, you'll see the above picture is really De and me in kaleidoscope form!

Nelly Bly's: selling kaleidoscopes in Jerome, Arizona for 26 years