Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fathers' Day

Like me, my own children are so blessed to have such a good Daddy, "De", who loves them, prays for them and provides for them.  It seems that our culture has all but taken the spot light off the importance of the Dad.  Trust me, we don't know what we'd do without ours and we thank God for him everyday.

We are a full week behind with Father's Day festivities because I have had the crud. (See Mother's Day - ugh -  this is becoming a trend.) Sadly for our De, this crud also caused me to cancel his birthday party on Monday.  So... I owe him big and plan to make up for it with a fun "themed" birthday party later in the week.  So... we'll do Father's Day, De's birthday, July 4, Julia's birthday, Nanny's birthday, John's birthday and 3 trips all within 4 weeks!  Hang on!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The update

Actions sometimes lag behind intentions.  Such has been the case this spring with updating the blog. Not that there weren't blog worthy events... first, the North Oconee High School Dance Recital was Wednesday, May 6.  Julia's class (also Mc's and S's class) performed several cute dances.  My favorite was to "Here Comes the Sun".  This picture shows the girls dressed for that dance.

Friday, May 8 was Healan Piano Studio's piano recital,  Julia sang a song from the movie, Anastasia.

Finally, Honors Night came around on May 12 and Julia was named one of the Freshmen Oconee Scholars.

We celebrated Mothers' Day several weeks after the actual day.  On May 14, I had a fever and felt terrible... so we just moved it to May 31.

For our Mothers' Day celebration, we added a new restaurant to our Eat Athens list.  We checked off Charlie Noble's on the east side with very high marks for their Sunday brunch.  It was so good, in fact, we went back the next Sunday for brunch.

After school was out, we started on our Summer Bucket List.  One thing that we all agreed would be fun was going to The Fox Theatre in Atlanta.  As luck would have it, one of our entire family's favorite movies was in the Coca Cola Summer Movie Series that is at The Fox every year.  Back to the Future was shown Saturday night, June 6.  John loves going to The Fox, the movies and out to eat.  I think that he enjoyed this as much as anyone.  It was great to see Back to the Future on its thirtieth anniversary - and better still since admission just for this night was set at 1985 prices!

Below is our group (minus De, the photographer) in front of one of the beautiful architectural features at The Fox.  If you are in Atlanta this summer, put a trip here on your list.  Only beware: as Mc and Julia found out, their AC works extremely well.  Bring a light sweater or jacket!

On John's list for the evening was dinner.  The movie got out kinda late and he was really hungry, so we slid into a parking space at the V and had old fashioned car hop service.  This was really, surprisingly fun.  I'm not as crazy about the Varsity as some of the other members of my family... particularly late at night... but the FO I had really hit the spot.  Everybody else enjoyed their meal and I was happy we had parked and eaten.  Inside, the lines were long and the outside service was actually fairly quick.  All in all, this was a great summer time evening and we crossed off a couple of things from our Summer To Do List.