Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bye Bye, Winter

Spring is (hopefully) on its way, but this winter left us with some pretty good memories, too.  Club volleyball is going at full tilt and John is gainfully employed.  Good times.

January 31, we finally got to meet our puppies.  Less than a month after Baby A passed away, I began corresponding with an Airedale Terrier breeder in South Georgia.  His new litter was born on December 17 and they were available to be picked up the first week in February.  We got up really early on Saturday, January 31 and were in Americus, Georgia by 11:00 AM.  Look who we found waiting for us there...

Julia on "Puppy Day" at New Point Kennels in Plains, Georgia.
(The home of Jimmy Carter, Linus and Lucy)



Since I now work all. the. time. aaaaand we are playing club volleyball aaaand we need to start thinking seriously about college aaaaand De is contemplating an MBA, we thought this was a great time to get two puppies.  You know what?  It is.  They keep each other occupied and are precious in every way.  (Except the house training and the chewing - oh and waking up at 6AM ready to play every single day...)

Speaking of Club Volleyball... what's not to love about paying through the nose so that you can get up at 4:00 AM and drive to places like Spartanburg and Columbia, South Carolina and sit in a gym from 8:30 AM until 6 PM?  Actually, it is fun and the other parents are the best.  I have made good friends and have thoroughly enjoyed myself at the tournaments.  But.... I'm also thankful that De takes his turn at getting up at 4:00 for some of these all day destination tournaments! 

These pictures are from the JVA Music City Battle, Nashville, TN -  February 14 and 15.

Since I was spazzing over the weather in Nashville and driving across Mont Eagle in what promised to be  record breaking snowfall this past Valentine's Day, I failed to post any of these precious pictures.  Julia, Mama and I had gone to a Volleyball tournament in Nashville and were so afraid we would get stuck in the snow there.  While we were hatching plans, John and Mc were shining up for the high school's Sadie Hawkins Dance.  

How cute is this? (I know that you didn't miss the theme being carried all the way to Mc's T shirt - a detail that any blogger would just love)

Thanks to Dwayne Allen Studios for some of the pictures.
He is the Dad of one of John's buddies and one of the best photographers around.
And...thanks to Mc for sending them to me.  Otherwise, I would have gotten, "okay... I will.. later..."  

Since the kids are now older and seem to be out of the house more than they are in it, we've been exloring new past times as well.  We found something that we are really good at...

Can it get any better than that?

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