Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pray for the Amazing Cooper B

I've lost track.  Nineteen, twenty?  I'm not sure how many surgeries, but Cooper has had lots for a little guy who is not quite finished being ten.  Anyway, he'll have another one today.  There is an infection involved and hardware that is potentially rejecting.  Please pray for the little boy with the mouth that doesn't stop and the heart that doesn't give up.

Check out this link for more on The Amazing Cooper B.

Homecoming 2014 Part II

This was the year.  I finally got it.  It took me until his Junior year, but I got it nonetheless.  For homecomings and proms past, I've asked sweetly to get some pictures.  These requests have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.  While Baby Noona will allow umpteen gillion pictures of any event, John will not.  Boys are like that.

This year was different, this year:

I realized it was all about $$$.  I paid dearly, but I got some pics....

John and his date, Mc.

When you want something done, it never hurts to send along "a reminder".

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Homecoming 2014

With three volleyball games and a football game,

we had a lot going on for Homecoming week.  Julia and some buddies and I had shopped for dresses several weeks ago.  By the time the event rolled around, no one was wearing her original choice, though none of them could have been more beautiful.

Baby Noona and her date, JB.

These men are truly brave considering they escorted most of the 9th grade volleyball team.

After pictures at The Georgia Club, they all boarded "The Boogie Bus" for dinner at Sakura and then the dance at NOHS.  

"Behave", we shouted as the bus pulled away.... I'm sure they were listening....