Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What a Birthday!

This was the Botox Birthday.  That's right.  Botox.  It wasn't a big number year to celebrate... even though they're all becoming big numbers! It was the year I decided that a few "treatments" may be necessary before the next birthday ;-)  I had a wonderful day with cards, texts, friends at work surprising me with flowers

and then my Mom treating me to a great birthday dinner with the rest of the family. We ate at John and Julia's favorite birthday spot: Sakura.  I love it too, but the whole Japanese Steak House experience makes them very happy.

We had cake and ice cream at Mama's and I was appropriately accessorized with the birthday crown.
John and Julia gave me great gifts.  Julia takes notice of things I like when we shop.  She surprised me with a watch that I had checked out several times. John, now a driver, can shop alone.  He has also become quite a good gift giver.  He gave me a gift certificate to a favorite store here in Athens.  I must say, it's burning a whole in my pocket!

This birthday starts our birthday quarter, with all of us having birthdays within the next three months.  The next one is the biggest (KB's 50th) and boy, do I have big plans!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Copy Cat

For Christmas, my brother gave Mama the most beautiful water color of his oldest son, J, and Mama when J was just a baby.  I thought that the artist captured both of them so well and while my knowledge of art is very limited (I have to work at drawing stick figures), I think watercolor is a difficult medium to use and master.  Well... I just had to... copy.
I'm shameless that way.  They all know it and they act like they love me anyway.  It turns out that Jeff's coworker is this artist's sister.  I didn't take the tree down before I was stalking her by email.
Fast forward to my birthday and here they are.  I am very, very happy with them!

(weird shadow from my camera)

This was one of the best "to me , love me" gifts I have ever given/gotten!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

"We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song". - Pope John Paul II

Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014

...And a throwback:
Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Savannah in the Spring

We were all happy to load up and drive to Savannah for a short stay during Spring Break.  We enjoyed much better weather than our last trip there. (Winter 2010 when it actually snowed in Savannah!)

We returned to some favorites:
Dinner with Paula et al at Lady and Sons

B.T. Byrd's Cookies at City Market

Shopping at The Paris Market, Savannah Bee Company, (Goodwill, of course), Joseph's Men's Shop,
Nourish, Half Moon Outfitters on Broughton Street...
 ...One Fish Two Fish on Whitaker and

 Savannah Candy Kitchen on River Street...

 ...where they have candy you never even dreamed of.

The River Walk and the historic district are so beautiful this time of year.

I hated to leave,

but like every great trip I have ever taken,

I drive away planning my return...

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Spring is (finally) here!

The first week in April brought with it sunshine, warm temperatures and lots of fun - except for Mama who fell and broke her wrist.  No fun there. The rest of us have enjoyed April Fools Day:

April Fools Joke:
Q: What's worse than school cafeteria food?
A: Nothin'!

the end of soccer season...

... and an undefeated one at that.

I was so so proud that Julia was chosen to join the Special Olympics Team from her school as a helper.
She attended the event held at Clarke Central High School on Wednesday, April 2.  She watched and cheered for several of her friends as they competed in different events.  Through school, she spends a few hours a week as an Adaptive P.E. helper.  Through this program, she regularly assists children with physical and mental challenges as they play games and exercise in their P.E. class.

The first weekend in April also brought the Chic Fil A Half Marathon to Athens. While I have run several half marathons, it has been a while. Also, during those days, I had a lot more time to train. (Read: was not working 30 or 40 hours a week!)

I don't usually blog about jogging. (I really do love to run.) Probably because my jogging is walking with a bounce.  I have recently shaved some time off my mile. When I told John my new personal best, he grimaced and groaned, "Oh, Mom...."
 I know I have expressed my love of Chic Fil A many times and if you read my "About Me" profile, you know how very much I love Athens, Georgia.  This race combined the best of the best for me: running through Athens, Ga for several miles - okay - 13 - and finishing with a big ole chicken biscuit. What's better than that?
This half marathon did remind me how beautiful our town is during Spring.  On a running tour, you see so much more than when riding or driving.

None of the pictures I took were decent - probably because I was just moving soooo fast ;-)..... but 
the race was fun, the weather was beautiful.... and I finished! My time is nothing to brag about, but that chicken biscuit sure was!