Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miracle on 34th Street

I've mentioned that I have waited a long time to see this - and what a sight it was! Macy's at Herald Square is something.else.at.Christmas.  Their signs say that it is the largest store on Earth.  I felt like that was correct when we left. Hordes of people and 8 busy floors of the coolest decorations that were everywhere you turned.  The windows on the front of the store were the most amazing, though.

 Santaland is on the 8th floor.  Of course, I had to go.  The line was pretty long and it stretched into another area that was walled off.  Apparently, Santa has his own room there.  I was disappointed that I didn't get a peek.  (My fellow travelers were not sympathetic to my need to see the jolly old fellow.)
We left without checking him out, but once my attention was diverted to this wish machine, I was fully engrossed.  A wish machine!  I had no idea!

The Wish Machine

Noona and Nanny outside Macy's and in front of their "Christmas Planets" window
Behind them are people waiting to see the interactive windows pictured above.  The concept is really neat, but the longer we stood outside, the colder we got, so I'm not sure anyone checked out all there was to see in the windows.

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