Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Christmastime in the City...

Forever on my bucket list has been a trip to New York City at Christmas.  This year, it happened!
Christmas in the city that never sleeps is indescribably fun! We had gone before and had visited many of the major tourist attractions, so while we did go to the new 911 Memorial and Museum (which will be a post by itself), the rest of the trip was reserved for fun.  As a side note regarding the 911 Memorial: it is not fun, but it is so very well done, so educational and so necessary to see as an American. Because it is a gut wrenching subject for all Americans, I will do it the justice it deserves in dedicating its own post to the subject.  It simply is not fitting to include it with ice skating, life size Christmas lights and Santaland.

6th Avenue has businesses with the most amazing Christmas displays that scream, "photo op!"  We continued walking along 6th Avenue until we came to Bryant Park, which screamed, "ice skating!"
(Only I heard, "Broken leg!")

The moment of terror

John, Julia and Kenneth attempted to ice skate.  While John and Julia got the hang of it, I'm not sure De will ever be the same.  They had a great time, but I'm not sure any of them had any more fun than Mama and I did watching from the sidelines.  If you go, it is pretty crowded, but we were there fairly early in the morning.  Skating is free and skates can be rented on site.  There are people there of all skating abilities, so unless you hear, "broken leg", give it a whirl.

Tomorrow: Santaland and Miracle on 34th Street...

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