Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Tablescape

Tablescaping is a lot like playing dress up.  (Without worrying about a muffin top.) And... Christmas is the best time for both.  Julia and I both love these girly pursuits.  This started at a young age for both of us, I guess.  When she was small, I spent no small amount of time getting her dressed up for Christmas:

Julia has on  Children's Corner Pattern: Kathy - Kelly dress with a hand smocked detachable collar.
I made the Kathy Kelly several times in multiple fabrics and sleeve lengths.  This is my favorite, one though.
Aren't they precious?

While my sewing and smocking days are gone, we're still playing dress up.  Usually, clothes are our medium, but we like a good table setting, too.

They're both dressed up for the Second Sunday in Advent

This table is dressed for Christmas Eve.  The fun part is over, now the cooking has to begin. Ugh.

Old Britain Castles by Johnson Brothers
Emerald Green Stemware from an estate sale
Golden Ribbon Edge Flatware by Gorham
Chargers from Bed Bath and Beyond
I'm no longer smocking, but I did make the placemats and napkins with fabrics from Robert Kauffman

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