Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just Dance

When the high school guidance counselor and John were going over his schedule this summer, I got tickled when he asked, "How about dance?"  It really cracked me up when John said, "Sure!".
John loves to dance and he's good at it. He has enjoyed the class this semester and I hope he can continue through spring semester as a member of the Swing Team.

My hat is off to Ms D at NOHS.  Half way through Wednesday night's dance program, I thought, "Wow! I'll bet she goes home tired everyday!"  Her hard work and that of her students really paid off.
The program was very nice and I enjoyed seeing some of the young dancers who were so  unbelievably talented.

I think that John just enjoys the break from his AP classes and Chemistry.  He enjoys being with friends and the girl to guy ratio of about 30:1!

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