Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Eat Athens VI - NONA

Our "Eat Athens" campaign has been kinda sidelined after the beginning of school,  This was due to several factors.  The first of which is that the adults went on a diet and the kids' schedules picked up to the point that we were just participating in "Drive Thru Athens". We're not giving it up, though, and we went to a place for our wedding anniversary that I have been dying to try for sometime: NONA.  NONA is "New Orleans in Athens".

Those who were in and around Athens fifteen or twenty years ago will recall the old Gautreau's that was in East Athens.  I loved it and I miss it.  It was this nostalgia that fueled my very high expectations for NONA.  It was a very nice anniversary meal, but it wasn't Gautreau's.  We had lunch there because we had an evening football game.

I had Crawfish Etouffee and De had Grilled Chicken Maque Choux.  It just wasn't Gautreau's. I could go on and on and on about the Crawfish Etouffe they served.  Yum!  NONA's  etouffee was okayish, though not as spicy as I like and the side of collard greens was good.  De enjoyed his meal... all except the weird side of creamed spinach. (Had I payed dinner prices for my etouffee, I think this review would be harsher.) We had an appetizer of Raw Oysters on the Half Shell with hot sauce and horseradish, which was good and we didn't have dessert.  A major disappointment was that beignets are only offered at brunch on the weekends. ( I guess we could have called ahead to ask about that, but we don't think things through that far!) Our service was just fine.  Our bill including sweet tea - which De thought was good - and coffee was around $50. (Fifty bucks for two - no alcohol, no dessert and... the lunch menu - just keep all that in mind.)  I would try NONA again simply because it has such a fun, lovely atmosphere, but for this trip, I give it 3.5 out of 5.

Crawfish Etouffee

Grilled Chicken Maque Choux

NONA is located in the old Harry Bissett's building, so that is nostalgic in itself for me.  Harry's was quite the place to go when I was in college.  It is a beautiful building and has been nicely redecorated for the new restaurant with three pretty spacious (looks tiny from outside, so this is surprising) separate dining areas.

Every other year, (for about twenty!) we've gone to The Last Resort for our anniversary.  It is an Athens eatery that never disappoints.  I can't say that NONA will fit the bill when it comes time to decide on the venue for number 22!  So far, Last Resort holds the lead firmly for my favorite celebration destination!

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