Friday, October 31, 2014

Disney Halloween

My co-worker, BFF and great American, JB, and I share lots of laughs, lots of interests and one definite passion: Halloween.  This year, like most, we dressed up for Halloween at work, but unlike the others, she and I decided there should be a theme.

So, we had a Disney theme.  Suffice it to say that TT and JB were hands down winners!

Has there ever been a better Queen of Hearts or Ursula outside of Walt Disney Studios? I think not!

JB as Ursula

SD as Fawn

TT as Queen of Hearts

Yours truly as Minnie

MS as Clarabelle and CB as Doc McStuffins

LH as The Mad Hatter
I don't know if the others have as much fun as TT, JB and I, but they play along and we love them for it!  JB and I started talking about and planning this months ago.  Sadly, a very busy end of the month Friday and impending inventory kept us hopping.  (In years past, our CEO has dressed up, played along and taken us all to lunch.) This year the festivities were kept to a minimum because of the schedule, but everyone still looked great and JB and I are already talking about next year....

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