Monday, July 07, 2014

Shop Athens (Clayton Street)

As much fun as we are having with Eat Athens, we decided to Shop Athens as well.  Athens has a neat downtown area that has a lot to offer the shopper.  Again, while UGA is fairly quiet, it is easier to find a parking place and check things out.  Clayton Street has our favorites and this list isn't exhaustive - but gives an idea of the eclectic nature of downtown Athens.

Masada Leather
This store has been around forever - even when I was at UGA.  Service is friendly and the offerings there are superb.  While it is clearly geared for the collegiate, I found a pair of slip on shoes that I love and Mama would have purchased a pair as well had they fit.  There are tons of items here that Julia just loves.  The store itself is quite appealing as it has such cool architectural details that are really old... not just made to look that way.  Maybe the best part is the smell.  The leather smell is certainly not overpowering, but nicely present.

Chick Piano
For much of my adult life I have been involved in church music.  While a student in high school and UGA, I took organ lessons.  I have always loved to go in a music store and browse.  Chick Piano has been a favorite "go to" whether I am playing or looking for music for Julia to play.  Two years ago, I purchased her Kawai  piano from Chick.  No matter your instrument, Chick has something for you.

Aurum Studios

If I filled out a wish list for Aurum, it would be simple: "Anything".  This is the most wonderful jewelry store I have ever been in.  Gifts at all price points can be found in this beautiful store.  A "must" for any shopper in Athens.

Onward Reserve
A guys' store - or as John says: "haberdashery". Don't miss this.  I love the decor as well as the goods.  My favorite find here is:

I purchased this for John.  Mama said, "he doesn't know who Ronald Reagan was."  Julia said, "he won't wear that."  The sales guy said, "he'll wear it."  And... he did.

There are lots of other fun places on Clayton...

A very nice boutique.  Beautiful designer items for the well heeled.

Heery's Too
Heery's Too is a beautiful gift store that features china, baby items as well as home goods.  Beautiful linens, mirrors, art and knick knacks can be found here.

Another great store for ladies' clothes and accessories.

Native America Gallery
Wow!  This store is just fun. Really beautiful, unique jewelry and accessories can be found here.  This is a "must" stop.  

Wuxtry Records
A real record store.  Records - LP's - there are just a few of us left who know what those are! Wuxtry has CD's as well as comics and is just an interesting store to check out.

Kum's Fashions  
Kum's is a good spot for sunglasses.  Customer service is par excellence. Kind of funky, but don't pass by too fast.

Private Gallery
Nice ladies boutique geared to the young and hip.

Red Zone
E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G   a die hard Georgia fan could ever dream of can be found here.

Go in and have a look around.  This store is really packed with vintage goods.  Kinda disorganized, but maybe it's just that there is so. much. stuff.  Vintage designer handbags galore can be found here - as well as just about anything else.  Mood rings, wedding dresses, cowboy boots and LV bags are all under this roof! Too fun to pass up.

There are many other stores, restaurants and bars on Clayton Street.

If your trip to Athens includes a shopping afternoon, come here.  Every town has the same mall with the same anchor stores or strip mall with the same big box stores.  Not everybody has a Wuxtry or Cillies or Aurum... and they are worth the trip!
(Clayton Street certainly isn't the only place to shop in Athens.  Lots of our favorites are scattered around both Athens and Watkinsville.  It's just convenient to park on Clayton or in the deck near the Classic Center and explore the entire street.)  While our family was here for the fourth, we did just that. I think our crowd of 7 ladies (of all ages) really enjoyed the afternoon.

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