Friday, July 18, 2014

Eat Georgia

Since we were out of town last weekend at the appointed time for Eat Athens, we just made a switcheroo to the plan.  We would modify our dining area.  Since we were in the Georgia Mountains, we would, of course, eat there.  I guess this installment would be more appropriately named, "Eat Hiawassee"!

This place has been around forever.  I remember eating here when I was growing up when we played football in Towns County and later as trips to the mountains would allow.  It has never disappointed.  Never. I looked forward to going this weekend.  After J&J finished their fried fish and cheeseburger, my guess is they'll look forward to their next meal there, too.

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We got there late and it was raining.  I didn't take any of my own pictures, but if I had... they would have been all smiles.  I've been here many times and while it has always been crowded, we never had to wait long.  I suspect that is not always the case, though.  It appears to be a favorite with locals as well as tourists.  Take time to visit nearby Sautee, Georgia and maybe Hiawassee as well.

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