Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Five Oh

Saturday night was KB's 50th celebration.  With invitations in the mail, it was time to work on the menu.

Barbeque was the main event and favorite sides from Paul Deen rounded out the menu.  The barbeque was provided by KB's friend Ben, who threw in some chicken wings as well.  It was all absolutely delicious. (I admitted in another post, that I once made myself sick at a party at Ben's house because I ate so much barbeque. That event will appear in another post titled, "How not to be a Southern Belle").

With UGA colors of red and black and tools galore, the bakery, Take the Cake, did a fine job of making a pretty and really tasty cake:

As with all the shindigs that I throw, by the time I get everything together, I forget about photography!   Alas, between Mamma, Kellye, Julia and me, there are very few pictures.  The good time that we had is forever in our memories, though not very well digitally preserved :-(

Some of the pics that did get snapped were: the centerpieces.  They consisted of drug stock bottles holding pictures and flowers;

a pretty good picture of the almost finished pool house and Jeff's back....

my personal favorite of three very cute stooges...

... and only one of the birthday boy!  I hope he had as much fun as I did celebrating his half century point!

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  1. What an awesome party idea!
    I loved everything including the menu.
    I am totally stalking your next big party!