Saturday, June 07, 2014

Eat Athens I (Clocked)

Creatures of habit.  That's who we are.  Every Friday night for the last, oh, 14 years, we've gone to the same Mexican restaurant.  Ninety percent of the time, we order the same thing.  Oh we like it. The food is very good, the price is right and the service is fast and friendly.

While at the beach, I met someone who commented on all the great restaurants in Athens.  I had to honestly answer that I had not been to any of her favorites.  She knew more about Athens cuisine than I did and she lived in Memphis!

From: Athens, GA To: Memphis, TN

This summer, we'll change that.  We plan to Eat Athens.  We started tonight with a diner outfitted with funky and retro fixtures called Clocked. Their menu features burgers with adventurous fixins, fries, shakes, lemonade and Coke products. (Extra credit always given for Coke products.)


The burgers were great.  Buns were soft and fresh.... and they use secret sauce.  I must say that the secret sauce is salty yet very tasty. John, Julia and Kenneth all had a burger. Some unusual burger choices are offered here.  I can't even imagine the PB&J burger!  Fries are extra, though. (Deduct points here. At $7 a burger, fries could be included.) One plus for some is that tater tots are on the menu. Yum.  The sweet potato fries were very good as were the plain french fries.

I have mentioned before that I am a geek.  So when I go to a burger joint, I get a... salad.  I just love tossed salad.  While it was tasty and fresh, it was smallish for the price. The watermelon lemonade was not.  It was just plain weird.  (Deductions, deductions.)

Julia ordered a mocha milkshake and said it was super.  All in all, it was an enjoyable dinner.  I ate some of Julia's burger and decided I'll go back soon for more.

We gave it a 3.5.  KB changed his to a 4 (even though a change is really not allowed) because Clocked serves Cheerwine.

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