Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eat Athens IV (Ted's Most Best)

I suggested "Eat Athens" many summers ago.  I don't know why it took us so long to put this plan into motion.  It has been so. much. fun.  Maybe it is because I have an almost 17 year old son who is a bottomless pit or maybe it is the best kind of staycation.  It has given us all something to plan, look forward to and enjoy.  This week's meal at Ted's Most Best was no exception.

Whoever is responsible for the conversion of this former garage into a restaurant deserves 5 stars.  There is a nice patio out front for dining, but my crowd prefers air conditioning...

they're kinda spoiled that way.... but since it was a little warm, we ate inside.

Julia ordered a chicken pesto panini.  It was served with a mixed green salad.  I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it as there was none left when I tried to sneak a bite.

John ordered a pizza.  While he thought it delicious, it was a little small for a guy with his appetite.  We'll know next time that we need a side or two.

KB, Mama and I ordered salads.  Mine was the artichoke heart salad with tomato vinaigrette.  It was fresh, I don't usually like red onions on my salad, but these were marinated and didn't have such a strong tast.  The dressing was really good and there was only a little goat cheese - which is fine with me.  I really enjoyed my meal.

My boys were a little disappointed with the portion size.  KB is dieting, so food is just completely disappointing to him right now.  John, on the other hand, wished he had ordered more.  The salads were just right for "ladies doing lunch" and Julia felt her sandwich was filling.  

The only negative that I will share is that the ordering process is a tad confusing.  Here's the scoop: walk in, take menu.  Sit down and decide.  Get in line and order at the counter, where you also pay.  At checkout, you will be give a number as well as your drinks, though this is not immediately apparent.  The problem with this system is the confusion for first timers and also there are desserts at this counter.  The desserts looked scrumptious and John would have surely ordered one had he known the size of his pizza.  He seemed a little reluctant to get back in line, order dessert, pay again while the rest of us waited.  I felt this system may cost a few sales.  Ted's was hopping while we were there and I'm sure that John wasn't the only customer to weigh getting back in line with the taste of that dreamsicle cake.

I'll certainly go back to Ted's.  Suprisingly, my family felt a little less enthusiastic about it than I did.  
Great salad, but maybe not great football player fare.

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