Friday, June 27, 2014

Eat Athens III (Mama's Boy)

With birthday weekend in full swing, and the party behind us, there was no way I was going back in the kitchen.  After cooking for a crowd, I was glad Eat Athens was on Sunday's "To Do" list.  We tossed around several options for the next eating establishment we would hit.  We finally decided on Mama's Boy, a restaurant just east of Athens that specializes in breakfast and brunch foods.  While they are open for lunch, dishes that include eggs and grits are their mainstay and they close at 3:30, so supper is not an option.

We called ahead for seating, so our wait was very short.  Reservations are not accepted, but it is possible to call when your party is 30 - 45 minutes away and have your name placed on their wait list.  Since all waiting is outside, you'd be wise to call ahead.

The birthday boy ordered Vidalia Onion Grits with andouille sausage and pronounced it delicious.

  John ordered a basic biscuit, eggs and grits platter and it was gone before we began taking pictures.  He said it was the best biscuit he had ever eaten.  (That's saying something.  He's eaten a bunch!)

Jules and I ordered a fried green tomato sandwich with basil mayo and fries.  The bread was good, the tomatoes divine... but it was a little dry.  We both thought that the mayo was tasty - just skimpy. Unfortunately, we never got the opportunity to ask for more on the side.  The restaurant was very busy, but the wait staff might have been a little more attentive.  If we were upset by the dry sandwich, we were pacified by the fries.  They were scrumptious.  The prices here are very reasonable and a family of four easily eats for under $50.  Given the quality, imagination and ambition of the menu, I would say that this is a special occasion bargain in Athens.

Last, but not least, my family was very happy with the sweet tea.  They thought that it compared very well to our standard, Chic Fil A.  (That means it is super sweet.)  We had a wonderful birthday brunch at Mama's Boy and all but Jules want to return soon.  

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