Saturday, June 21, 2014

Eat Athens II (Porterhouse Grill)

On our summer "to do" list was to visit restaurants in our own town where we have never or have seldom eaten.  Many of these businesses are downtown Athens and not close to our everyday destinations.  Soooo.... we are "eating locally' this summer.

For Fathers' Day, we hit the Porterhouse Grill.  It's been around a while, but, again, it's kind of a hassle to go downtown when UGA is in session and we forget how good their steaks really are.  Just the best.  So worth the drive in.  So worth the parking hassle.

This is an upscale restaurant for a college town and the prices reflect that. Since, it is Athens, it is pretty casual - though Julia felt she should have been better dressed. (The 8 warnings to get ready went unheeded, I guess.)  The service was excellent. The coffee is great (that's a major point for me!) and everyone gave his dinner a solid 5 out of 5.  Our orders included the rib eye special, crab cakes and chicken saltimbocca. Sides are pretty standard... rice, vegetable medley and/or potatoes. Servings are large and we took leftovers home.  We rarely order dessert anywhere, but I eyed a scrumptious looking cheesecake at the table across from us.  The party I was stalking was sharing that dessert and its presentation alone made me lick my lips. We had no reservation, but didn't have to wait on a Friday night.  This is not the case when UGA is in full swing.

The only negative we found is ambiance.  We find the restaurant lacking in this department.  KB says that's a girl thing.  He never focuses on the wall when there is something so wonderful on the plate.

Kenneth and Julia outside the Porterhouse Grill 

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