Sunday, June 15, 2014

Becoming a Belle: Chicken Salad

Through my terribly sporadic "Becoming a Belle" series, I hope to give Julia some of the collected "wisdom" that has been passed down to me.  This comes mainly from Mama. Though other contributors include her sisters, my grandmothers, church ladies, (lots of church ladies due to the fact that Belles are always church members) friends and acquaintances who have consistently proven their status as a Belle.

A Belle needs a pound cake recipe.

Julia, 11, perfecting her Pound Cake during the 2011 holidays.
She began her business that year, selling cakes to family and neighbors for Christmas.

 A Belle needs a chicken salad recipe, pearls, a King James Bible and a leather bound copy of Gone With the Wind.  Period. ( Well... and good manners never hurt either.)

Since we've covered the other necessities, I took stock of the chicken salad recipe requirement.  I had just finished Little Bitty Lies by Mary Kay Andrews and I was delighted to try her "Beyond the Grave Chicken Salad".  Well, I swanny to goodness, it was just fantastic!

You can find the recipe in the back of the book or on Mary Kay Andrews' web site.

Chicken salad aside, she's becoming quite a belle.....

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