Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Honors Day

Wednesday, May 14 was 8th grade Honors Day.  We were fortunate that this ceremony was held in the air conditioned high school auditorium. I was sooooo proud of Baby Noona when she accepted an award for all A's.... all the way through middle school!  Not 1 "B".  A perfect 4.0!

Field Day followed Awards Day which meant our annual shopping trip had to be postponed.  The 8th graders loaded up on buses to go back to the middle school and soon to leave it completely behind them... for good.  Just two short months will pass and they. will. be. high school freshmen. 

Everybody celebrated at one of Julia's favorite restaurants and later had cake with Nanny.  (We also were celebrating Nanny getting her cast removed!)

Congratulations, Noona!!

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