Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What a Birthday!

This was the Botox Birthday.  That's right.  Botox.  It wasn't a big number year to celebrate... even though they're all becoming big numbers! It was the year I decided that a few "treatments" may be necessary before the next birthday ;-)  I had a wonderful day with cards, texts, friends at work surprising me with flowers

and then my Mom treating me to a great birthday dinner with the rest of the family. We ate at John and Julia's favorite birthday spot: Sakura.  I love it too, but the whole Japanese Steak House experience makes them very happy.

We had cake and ice cream at Mama's and I was appropriately accessorized with the birthday crown.
John and Julia gave me great gifts.  Julia takes notice of things I like when we shop.  She surprised me with a watch that I had checked out several times. John, now a driver, can shop alone.  He has also become quite a good gift giver.  He gave me a gift certificate to a favorite store here in Athens.  I must say, it's burning a whole in my pocket!

This birthday starts our birthday quarter, with all of us having birthdays within the next three months.  The next one is the biggest (KB's 50th) and boy, do I have big plans!

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