Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Copy Cat

For Christmas, my brother gave Mama the most beautiful water color of his oldest son, J, and Mama when J was just a baby.  I thought that the artist captured both of them so well and while my knowledge of art is very limited (I have to work at drawing stick figures), I think watercolor is a difficult medium to use and master.  Well... I just had to... copy.
I'm shameless that way.  They all know it and they act like they love me anyway.  It turns out that Jeff's coworker is this artist's sister.  I didn't take the tree down before I was stalking her by email.
Fast forward to my birthday and here they are.  I am very, very happy with them!

(weird shadow from my camera)

This was one of the best "to me , love me" gifts I have ever given/gotten!

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