Saturday, March 08, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Tablescape

As a kid, I felt like Saint Patrick's Day was a day you just had to live through in order to get to Easter
 and Spring Break.
After visiting Ireland, I became a little more interested in Saint Patrick's story...and after getting a little older, I decided there were no "throw away holidays". We need to celebrate all of them!

So... I'll bake some Irish Soda Bread, Corned Beef and Cabbage...
(or at least eat dinner at church when my friend Lew makes his famous St. Patrick's day dinner there.)

... drink some hot tea... with cream... lots of cream...

wear green and thank God  for ALL I have to celebrate!
Aaaaaand surely to goodness spring will be just around the corner. 

Tablescape Elements:
Runner and Chargers are from Hobby Lobby
Placemats from Big Lots many years ago
Plates are Italian Countryside by Mikasa
Footed tumblers are from Belk
Block Optic Depression Glass mostly from Ebay
Golden Rabbit Flatware
For the centerpiece - I used some of my favorite candy.  I would feel very lucky to sit down to a table with that in front of me! (Oh btw.... those are "Gold Coins" - not gold Easter Eggs, okay?)

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