Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Orleans 2014!

After a week of having the flu, getting together a trip and a treasure hunt  for Valentine's Day was just. too. much.  So, I got together the trip...and what a fantastic destination it was. While I was sad that this was the first year ever we didn't have a Valentine's Treasure Hunt, no one else complained.  At all.

St Lois Cathedral is right across the street from the Cafe - a beautiful view for the gluttonous :-)

Cafe Du Monde was quite a highlight of our trip. We all devoured an order of beignets and cups of cafe au lait or hot chocolate.  We liked it so much, we went there three times!  While traveling, I was reading Dan Brown's book, Inferno.  It occurred to me that Dante himself would have added an sub layer of hell reserved just for this kind of Cafe Du Monde gluttony.  Don't worry, we didn't reserve this behavior for the Cafe only. We pretty much ate New Orleans.

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