Monday, January 20, 2014

Run! Run! Run!

One of the best things about January is the ML5K in Athens.
The coolest things about this race are:
1) It's a 5K.
I've run a marathon.  Believe me, a 5K is way cooler.
2) It benefits ESP of Watkinsville.
So... it's a fundraiser that benefits one very special little girl and
a bunch of her friends.

LP and her Social Chairman Mom, LGP, at the 2013 Chili Cookoff, Central Presbyterian Church, December 8

Not only is this sweet girl one special little lady,
 but her Mom and I go way back.
We were sorority sisters back in the day
(and she still remembers the handshake!)

Our youth group sponsors a chili dinner fundraiser for ESP in December.
Then in January, we use the funds to help sponsor the road race.

Baby O, proud of her sign, poses with John and me

John and I were among lots of church friends who ran,
and another precious little girl, Baby O, cheered us on.
She made the sign herself.
The original read "Rum, Rum, Rum!" (until Mom intervened).

What a great way to end a super nice holiday.
(And to the rest of the country, don't hate, but it was sunny and 70 at
the starting line.  :-)


  1. Rum Rum Rum is better.
    Just sayin.
    What a great cause!

  2. You're right... that makes me think of the funniest post I ever read about taking your kids to a Chicago bar... just lookin for Grandpa...!