Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Looking forward to February

I've mentioned, I think, that I'm a summer girl.
(If you've followed the way we Georgians handle winter storms
this week, you now know why!)
I would love to give credit where credit is due, but I don't know the real source of this photo.
It was downloaded from January 29,2014

But.... I'm really looking forward to February!

There are a few upcoming events that I am really excited about.
And... it all started with the Talbot's Catalog!
I don't think I've mentioned it, but I'm also definitely, a Talbot's girl:

If Gymboree made women's clothes, this is what they would look like... and I love them!
So preppy and cute.  (Put down that Snickers! Those are horizontal stripes!)
This catalog screams, "Spring!!" and I'm ready!

February begins with Kenneth and me checking out Million Dollar Quartet - 
a Broadway production re-living the day Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins,
Johnny Cash and you know who

came together and made music history.

February also includes one of my favorite family traditions, 
The Great Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt:

Clue from 2013 Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt 
This year's treasure hunt will be, well, only the best ever!

... and if you put all my favorite men from the screen together, you'd get 
The Monuments Men
which opens February 7!

The Fab Four waiters from the 2013 Central Presbyterian Valentine's Day Dinner

Also that weekend, my friend and great American, JR,
has put together another fabulous Valentine's Day Dinner at our church. 
And. I. Can't. Wait. to see what she'll do this year as she majors in jaw dropping events!

I love the Olympics.  I'm one of those women who adores "all that ice dancing" as
De calls it.  I'm fired up about the opening ceremonies on the 6th.

February also will see piano festivals for Julia, the beginning of the track season for
John, Youth Sunday for them both,
 the beginning of soccer season and (I'm hopeful) the beginning of a permanent
warm up for the south.  It's 11 degrees today!
... so happy snow day today for all of those of you not spending your 24th hour
stranded on I-285 in Atlanta snowlock!
(Our interstate system in Atlanta has been paralyzed for going on a full day due to ice.)


  1. OMG do you live in Athens???
    We may or may not end up living down there in four years.
    NO LIE.
    BTW, LOVE that stripe jacket.
    And speaking as a Chicagoan, WINTER SUUUUCKS.

  2. Yay!!! You would love it here - lots to do, but with a small town feel. You must let me know if you come to visit! And remember, our winter usually lasts about a week.