Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Twenty Years Ago

KB and I married on October 16, 1993 at 2:00 PM.
Historically, October is the driest month of the year.
It rained a little.
Just a little.
"What a day to wear white silk", I told my Daddy.
He couldn't see the water spots in the skirt of my dress, he said.
Because of the rain.  Or maybe the tears.
(It was still a beautiful day.)

Happy Anniversary, KB!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Hope

If you have read my blog for very long, 
you know that I have a love for all things and people southern.
Especially Elvis.

And certainly Billy Graham.

The first week in November, Billy Graham begins
 what he is calling his final crusade.
It is simply termed, "My Hope".
"My Hope" is all about sharing Christ with people all across America and Canada.
Instead of Billy Graham doing all the work, regular church members will be involved!
My Hope gives average Christians a way to reach friends for Jesus.
Through inviting them into homes or meeting in places
where the My Hope video can be shown, Billy Graham's message can be
shared with people who need a little hope and a friend in Jesus.
(This message will also be broadcast on national television
during the first week in November.)

Billy Graham will be 95 years old that first week in November.
He has preached for nearly 70 of those 95 years and it is estimated
that his message has been heard by nearly 2.2 BILLION people.
It is my prayer that this message will be heard
 by the 316,000,000 living in the USA
during the first week of November.  With our help, 
Mr. Graham is obviously capable!
I hope that you will join me in supporting "My Hope" with
your enthusiasm, participation and prayers.
Our nation desperately needs hope and as Christians, we know the source.
Check out the website.
Pray for the initiative.
May God Bless America.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Boo! Mizzou!

Today was a UGA home game against Mizzou.
The weather was just right and for a change... nothing else was
on the calendar, so we rode over to Sanford Stadium.

Close to half time, we were feeling a little hungry, so we decided to climb 
two flights of stairs and walk against the foot traffic of 92,000 fans for some 
hot boiled peanuts.  And... lo and behold...

...two of the cutest peanut salesman I have every seen
gave us the best service ever.  

The game didn't go our way, but it was a beautiful day - 
and really great that John got to work, be with friends
 and see some of the game.
That's a win.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Sing a long

For years, client and friend, DW, has been inviting
Julia and me to play and sing at his personal care home.
We had too many excuses for too long.
...and that was just too bad.
When we visited the beautiful home on the Broad River
that he and his wife share with about six elderly ladies we
simply had

To get there, you go to the edge of Georgia, turn right and keep going.
For a long, long way.
Turn again on a long dirt road - this was new for Julia -
and keep going and going.
Tucked right next to the river, you'll find a home with the nicest people
and will decide that it was certainly worth the trip.

There were puppies, kittens and chickens galore.
Julia immediately fell in love with all the animals that DW cares for...

...and the ladies immediately fell in love with Julia.

We played and sang for (and with) the ladies.
(Who knew that DW had such a great voice?)
We agreed we would certainly go back again.
To the edge of Georgia. At the end of a long dirt road.
Where the melody in the air finds a way to lift the one in your heart.

Saturday, October 05, 2013


The too short Volleyball season is coming to a close.
The Athens Area Middle School Volleyball tournament
was held this weekend at George Walton Academy in Monroe, Ga.
Julia's best games were during the playoffs.
After a long day, we were really tired, but happy to end the season
with a personal best and with the team placing second in the tournament.