Thursday, June 27, 2013

Middle School Mission Trip

Happily, I picked Julia up today from a four day mission trip.
A mission trip where?
Charleston, South Carolina.
Yes, Charleston.

And we were all pretty happy about the destination.

But, why Charleston?
Like Athens and possibly every other great place to visit in America,
the comfortable and prosperous are shadowed by the opposite.
So while the kids were exposed to history and beauty, they learned a little
about children who will not go anywhere this summer.

In fact, some of the children in the day camp where the CPC kids volunteered,
feel safest when they are at the day camp.
Our kids eyes were opened
to the fact that basic necessities of food, shelter and safety
 are very much a blessing.

... And that it is lots of fun to volunteer...
whether at a food bank, a day camp
or an adult nursing/rehab facility...

...especially in Charleston!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers' Day 2013

Happy Fathers' Day, De!
We had a terrific weekend at the lake.
Uncle Jeffrey decided it was the perfect time to 
cook some of our shark from our recent trip.
It was delish!!  We had quite a pot luck supper Saturday night
with some cousins participating.  Then despite the cool
weather (this is still Georgia, isn't it?) we went out in the boat.  
No one skied or tubed and only the very brave jumped in.
John and Julia spun around in the kayaks a bit.

Sunday, the kids took De to an old familiar favorite:

We had a great time and a great dinner - all made possible because this
family truly has a great Dad!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Shark Camp

Several months ago, Uncle Jeffrey started tossing around the idea
of taking John shark fishing.  A summer shark camp...
Upon hearing about this camp, Julia
became jealous.  Upon hearing that this camp involved a beach trip,
I became jealous.  So.... the Saturday before Memorial Day,
we all loaded up and headed
to Cape San Blas, Florida.

There is nothing at Cape San Blas.  A lot of beautiful nothing.
After a busy, busy, school year, we were so happy to find nothing.
The beach wasn't crowded - even though it was Memorial Day Weekend.
There is no cell service there, no crowds, no restaurants - nothing.
I never knew how happy nothing could make me....

Julia invited one of her besties, MCP, to camp.
Before leaving, I made all the campers 
sand pails with fun items to take.

The girls loved the monogrammed tee shirts that I made,
but had to buy more at the beach... of course...

They fished and fished and fished...

Being extremely uninformed about fishing, I was surprised that
shark fishing can be done right on the beach....
(Think about that next time you're floating around in the ocean...)

They caught a lot of sharks off the shore...
(another scary thought...)

We fished.
Okay, they fished.
(I read.)

We played...

We shopped in the nearby town of Apalachicola...

which is a lot like stepping back in time, though the shops
there had thoroughly modern prices...

and ate really good seafood at a most
unlikely place.

Food, friends, family and fun made the trip spectacular.
Throw in all that nothing... and for me... it doesn't get any better.