Sunday, March 31, 2013

"It is true, the Lord is risen!"

Easter Sunday 2013!
Our Children's Choirs performed during the 11:00 service.
As always, they were precious.
They sounded and looked great... and behaved well!
That was a home run!
The last phrase of their song was spoken.
They were to forcefully say in unison:
It is true, the Lord is risen.
While they found the speaking in unison part difficult,
in the performance, they nailed it!

John and Julia after church.

We ate an Easter Dinner with Nanny and the Baileys.
Then we watched the conclusion of The Bible.
The producers of that series did a wonderful job
 of showing that
It is true! The Lord is Risen!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Formal 2013

The Perfectly Polished Spring Formal is one of my favorite events every year.
This year's theme was "Light up the Night".
It was wonderful to see our children, dressed and pressed,
dancing.  Light up my night, they did.

Julia, 7th grade, in Dance Club

John, 9th grade, Lead Dance

My absolute favorite was the Father Daughter dance.
Julia will always remember the year her Daddy's feet hurt so bad 
 and he still refused to let John stand in because he wouldn't
miss this dance for all the world.
That was the highlight of my night.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Confirmation Dinner II

For Julia's Confirmation Dinner,
we had her favorites.  Unbelievably enough,
a favorite food for this twelve year old is...
egg salad.
She has always loved it.  And not just any recipe will do.
It has to be the Southern Living Five Star recipe.
The secret ingredient is cream cheese - and lots of it.

We used a pink and green theme as the backdrop.

Julia was happy to have her family together to celebrate.

Egg salad and chicken salad are Julia's favorites...
with PNB&J for the boys...

Flower arrangement compliments of Pinterest...

Cross cookies for Palm Sunday...

Palm Sunday Confirmation

We celebrated Julia's Confirmation Day this Palm Sunday.
While the weather outside was dismal, the mood inside
was super sunny.  Julia was confirmed today with ten others.
We had a great service, celebration and Sunday dinner afterwards.

Jeff and Kellye at the Confirmation Breakfast


Will and Cooper

Noona and Nanny

I was so proud to have my entire family to be with Julia as she became an
official member of her church family.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yum Tablescape

Last fall, Savannah Granny featured her collection
of Yum Yum mugs.  These mugs were from a mid 1990's Bailey's Irish Creme
promotional.  I thought they were precious and began stalking ebay sellers.
Surely, they are a requirement for anyone with our surname!

Since I was helping with a luncheon at church on
St. Patrick's Day, I decorated with Irish green and rainbows there.
I thought this table still gave a slight nod to the holiday and was a reminder that
spring is on the way...

Lady Bailey is appropriately attired with pearls, a bow
and what has to be Estee' Lauder's Cherry Passion lipstick! 
Her fellow is no less dashing with a wink and a bow tie.

This happy tablescape featuring Mr. and Mrs. Bailey
hopefully depicts the happiness I feel from being part
of that duo for almost twenty years!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect and Saturday,
Julia proved it!  (Not that I would embellish.)
She received a Superior rating at the Georgia Baptist Convention's
keyboard festival that was held at a local church.

Her piece that she played from memory was 
Spain by Sergei Bortkievich.  
Her judge commented on the great job she did
on such a challenging piece.  
Because I believe in bribery incentives,
I'm off to shop for an appropriate
reward for this accomplishment.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Soccer

How could The Soccer Mom wait until the season was almost over
to post pictures?

(We discovered that winter wasn't quite over
at the first game against Buford Middle.)

Julia's had a great season - lots of fun
and she has learned a lot and her skills have improved.
What else could a soccer mom want?