Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Gifts

My church has compiled a wonderful advent booklet and
I was inspired by one entry that began, "I'm really more of an Easter person..."
The author went on to explain that the commercialism of Christmas has
masked so much of its meaning.  Living in a world
that has become more self centered,
I thought how this Christmas mask has effected my children.
I wanted to do something about that.
In a way, I'm adding to the "gimme" problem, but I hope the greater message is
the one remembered.
December 1 through 12, they got a small gift (usually $1 or less)
with a card.  The gift symbolizes a reason Jesus came and the card
carries a verse that I hope they will find in their Bibles.

December 1          Jesus came to... make us fishers of men: Swedish Fish  
Matthew 4:19
December 2          Jesus came to... give us Living Water:  bottled water 
John 4:13-14
December 3          Jesus came to... teach us about giving.   dollar bill
Mark 12:41-44
December 4          Jesus came to... be the balm in Gilead  chapstick
Jeremiah 8:22
December 5          Jesus came to... be the light of the world candles 
John 8:12
December 6          Jesus came to... teach us to love one another cards for sick friends
Matthew 25:35-40

December 7          Jesus came to... heal the sick small package of tissues 
Matthew 14:14
December 8          Jesus came to ... be the bread of life breakfast muffins
John 6:35

December 9          Jesus came to... be betrayed by a kiss Hershey's Kiss 
Luke 22:48
December 10        Jesus came to... wear a crown of thorns Double Bubble*
Matthew 27:27-29 
December 11        Jesus came to... bring peace. Piece(s) of pizza  
John 14:27
December 12        Jesus came to... die on the cross Cross Christmas ornament 
John 19:17-18

*Double Bubble has a crown on the package :-) John said, "that's really stretching it, Mom."

During the next twelve days of Christmas, the children will find cards that
have suggestions of things that they might do for someone else 
to sprinkle a little Christmas spirit on them.
The first card reads like this:
"Help Mom with laundry..."

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