Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love in a lunchbox

It's that time. 
Summer is over, (though we're not conceding yet - 
we certainly aren't closing the pool yet.)
Fresh corn is gone, figs are coming soon and so are scuppernongs 
(really: "scupnins") and muscadines, pumpkins, then....QUIT!

But we are back in school. 
One of the things that I started when the children were in elementary school, I
called lunchbox love.  You see, I had a terrible time "turnin loose" of
them.  I didn't want them to go to school.  I didn't want them to
be uneducated, just didn't want them to leave.  Kenneth tells the story
of how Julia went to kindergarten and I had to "take to bed".'s true.
So, I began sending them "love letters" that I stashed  in their lunchbox.
Quickly, this practice had to be discontinued for John, but now in
the eighth grade, I still send them for Julia and she loves them.

Of course, there are rules. (With my double A personality, what'd you expect?)
First, they are all made by me.

Secondly, they are always filled with love, happiness or inspiration...

... and last but not least, they have to be a surprise. 
(So even if she prepares her lunch, I sneak one in.)

Now, they have to also be cool as her friends always
want to share the love at lunch...

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