Friday, July 12, 2013

Reading in the rain

We, of the deep south, have been taught to
never, ever, ever complain about rain.
I suspect this is due to our deep agricultural roots.
My Daddy kept a watchful eye on the forecast because
he raised cows.  "Rain is a good thing" per Luke Bryan and thousands of
farmers or part time farmers like my Daddy.
It wasn't the best thing for fourth of July celebrations though.
But, I'll not complain.  I'll just read.
Rain has definitely been a good thing for my reading resolution.

Most recently, I finished The Geography of Bliss.
This is one writer's quest to find the happiest and least happy
places on the planet.  I wish he would have asked me.
He traveled to Iceland, Moldova, Bhutan, Qatar, India, Thailand, Great Britain, 
Switzerland and Amsterdam to find out where the happiest reside. 
To generalize broadly, he found that happiness is not
geographical.  It is relational.
It is found in relationships.
It is found in y'all.

For me, that y'all is my family first, friends,
neighbors, church family and my great friends at work. 
I'd love to travel the globe in search of just about anything,
but I know to stay home if I'm looking for happiness.
So come south, EricWeiner, we know a thing or
two about y'all, happiness... and after this summer - a lot
about rain!

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