Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hollywood Studios

We were ready early for another theme park day.

We got to Hollywood Studios with a strategy of going to the point
farthest from the entrance and doing rides there.  Success!
We didn't wait long at all for Disney's Tower of Terror.

(Again, for those with weak stomachs... beware!)
For John, Julia and Kellye... it doesn't get any better than this ride.
It was during this trip that I realized Dick Clark had nothing on
my sister-in-law.  She loves these rides more than any kid in America!

Kellye, Julia, Will and Cooper at ToyStory Mania

I love The Great Movie Ride, so Jeff, Jay, Cooper and I
rode it twice.  So, Jay and Cooper, thanks for being good sports!

After eating at The Backlot Express, we thought we'd dodge the rain
by attending the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular".
After the show, we did another couple of rides and then went for ice cream.
This time, we didn't dodge the showers, 
but Jeff, Kellye, Will, John and Julia decided,
"what the heck, we're already wet".  They stood in line (in a down pour)
 for the Rock-N-Roller coaster while the other guys and I went to my favorite, 
"Beauty and the Beast".

These guys are really not Beauty and the Beast fans, 
but they were very sweet about
going to the show with Aunt Christa and Uncle Kenny.

But when I wasn't looking, they couldn't help but show their real feelings...

Okay... I love Belle, Gaston and of course Mrs. Potts and Chip...

... but I don't thing Jay, Cooper or Kenneth felt the same...
On the upside, we stayed dry and I had a marvelous time!

We paused at the exit gates for Julia to do her best Mike Wazowski, then
we all dried off, changed and went to dinner.
We had a great day at Hollywood Studios and were looking forward to
another day at Epcot.

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