Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Rain, rain, go away...
The southeastern United States has had a 
very unusual summer.  An unusually wet one.
(Is this El Nino?!?)

Normally, we celebrate July 4 in a cloud of heat and humidity
and usually under extremely dry conditions.
This year, most events were cancelled due to rain.
We refused to give in.
After all, July 4 comes but once a year.
We had a great time, albeit a soggy one.

The conditions were okay for backyard fireworks.
(Meaning the rain had stopped right at the time we were shooting them off.)

Kids swam, we ate and ate and ate.
(This is an ongoing theme, isn't it?)
and had a great time.

Freedom lies in being BOLD.
-Robert Frost

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