Saturday, June 01, 2013

Shark Camp

Several months ago, Uncle Jeffrey started tossing around the idea
of taking John shark fishing.  A summer shark camp...
Upon hearing about this camp, Julia
became jealous.  Upon hearing that this camp involved a beach trip,
I became jealous.  So.... the Saturday before Memorial Day,
we all loaded up and headed
to Cape San Blas, Florida.

There is nothing at Cape San Blas.  A lot of beautiful nothing.
After a busy, busy, school year, we were so happy to find nothing.
The beach wasn't crowded - even though it was Memorial Day Weekend.
There is no cell service there, no crowds, no restaurants - nothing.
I never knew how happy nothing could make me....

Julia invited one of her besties, MCP, to camp.
Before leaving, I made all the campers 
sand pails with fun items to take.

The girls loved the monogrammed tee shirts that I made,
but had to buy more at the beach... of course...

They fished and fished and fished...

Being extremely uninformed about fishing, I was surprised that
shark fishing can be done right on the beach....
(Think about that next time you're floating around in the ocean...)

They caught a lot of sharks off the shore...
(another scary thought...)

We fished.
Okay, they fished.
(I read.)

We played...

We shopped in the nearby town of Apalachicola...

which is a lot like stepping back in time, though the shops
there had thoroughly modern prices...

and ate really good seafood at a most
unlikely place.

Food, friends, family and fun made the trip spectacular.
Throw in all that nothing... and for me... it doesn't get any better.

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