Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring Break

Everybody in this family was ready to go...
To say we had been on the treadmill is putting it mildly.
While I was putting up a fight for one more
educational, museum filled vacation, (YAY!!!)
my associates were busy voicing their opposition and conspiring
against me.  In the end, they won!

This is one way I know my family loves me.
They always build a sand castle.
I want to, but am no good at it.
They don't want to, but are good at it.
I wash your clothes, cook your breakfast lunch and supper,
pick up after you, pick up after you, pick up after you....
so they do.
I love it.

Here's another way I know they love me... they posed for
this picture... together.

We shopped...

We ate...

all that health food we like to get at the beach...
fried shrimp,
fried fish
fried potatos
fried puppies
sweet tea.

... And finally, I got to read.

Front Cover

Not a fave, not really even a beach read,
but I'm glad I read it.
Pure fantasy, not really my genre, but interesting all the same.

It was a good trip, a good break,
and a good reminder, that no matter how bad I
hate the IRS (!!!!!), we've still got it...
pretty good!

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