Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gumlog Barbeque

My brother would agree that as children, we were taught
the importance of faith in God,
 a good education and great barbeque. In that order.
We have talked about good barbeque, we planned trips and family get-togethers
around it and we certainly ate it.
I have even attempted to make good barbeque on occasion.
The best recipe I ever found was from Southern Living.  I think I'll share it:

In Athens and Watkinsville, visit here for
a very, very good meat selection.
Not much to look at, but the meat is... well..
the best evuh.  Get your butt here.
1 (5 to 6 pound) Boston butt roast
2 medium onions, sliced
6 whole cloves
2 bay leaves
Tangy sauce

Place roast in large dutch oven.  Add onion, cloves and bay leaves.
Cook over medium heat 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until tender.
Drain meat. Discard onions, cloves and bay leaves.
Shred with fork. Add 3 cups of your choice of barbeque sauce.
Make your own, or use your favorite commercial sauce.

This is my favorite commercial one:
It's a goody, though hard to find.

Here's the Five Star Southern Living Tangy Sauce recipe - also a goody:

1 large onion
2TBSP butter, melted
21/2 cups ketchup
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water
2/3 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1 TBSP salt
1 TBSP cracked pepper
2 TBSP chili powder.

Saute onion in butter until tender. Add remaining ingredients and bring to a boil
Cover. Reduce heat and simmer at least 30 minutes.
Yield: 6 cups

Lest you get confused, the above recipe is just barbeque.  That's all: barbeque.
During our last trip to the lake, we found Barbeque.
Lo and behold, this Barbeque came from a surprising location: Gumlog, Georgia  -
"The Land of Spirits"
(Perhaps so called because Gumlogians drink their corn?)

Jeff and I have worked diligently to develop a scientific scale to compare
and contrast barbeque.  We've decided that this may be our calling.
We're also sure that Daddy would  be
so proud of our diligence and dedication.
Gumlog Fish Lodge and Barbeque:

BBQ  4.5

Tea  4.5

Stew 4.75 (it was that Good)

Slaw 3.5

Pros:  Full pitcher of tea on every table, BBQ plates offered in two sizes - small and large, bowls of ice and lemons on every table, very Good service.  While purists might find this a con, we happened to like the fact that Gumlog Fish Lodge and Barbeque is just that.  It is also a fish lodge.  Shrimp and catfish were tasty and fried and definitely enjoyed by John and Kenneth.  The menu was a little more expansive than most places.  We were okay with that.  The servings of stew were large.  This was good as most places get skimpy with stew.  Finally, the atmosphere was nice and the bathrooms were clean - Jeff thought this important if you factor in the sweet tea score.

Cons:  This is a Big one:  only pepsi products are served.  No Coke.  Really?  This IS Georgia.  Sadly, there was no banana pudding offered.  No hot kind, no cold kind. None at all.  We really felt that this should detract from the overall score:

  Jeff: 4,  Christa: 4.5.

Jeff's probably a tad more discriminating than I am...
Anything I don't have to cook gets an extra point.  No. matter. what.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glenn Beck and the Lemonade Stand

Last month, Bill O'Reilly did a segment with Glenn Beck that we happened 
to see.  Glenn Beck was kicking around the idea of protesting the "Nanny state"
by encouraging kids of all ages to participate in National Bake Sale and 
Lemonade Stand Day.  Not that Julia (at age 11) is that politically minded,
 but she and I had a great idea.  We could use this as an opportunity to do something
for a young friend who was recently diagnosed 
with Ewing's Sarcoma back in March.  Ewing's Sarcoma is not unfamiliar to 
us, unfortunately.  Because of this and because we just love this family, we
decided to participate.  Julia grabbed a friend who also baked and made lemonade.
Of course, Nanny helped and the Lemonade Stand was a huge success.

The girls raised a total of  $131.91! 
$116 was given as donations for our young friend's
Caring Bridge account and the rest will
be sent to the charity suggested by Glenn Beck, Mercury One.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Montreat 2012

This was the first year that John could go with the high school (gulp) kids to Montreat. I wasn't sure that he would want to go, so I didn't give him a choice. His Dad and I decided it would be a great experience. He needed to go. He'd learn a lot. He'd get to know some of the older kids in the youth group. He'd enjoy being around the kids he's been with all through elementary and middle school. Right? When he came home after a week there, I truly expected a less than enthusiastic report. John climbed in the van and after a big hug,
 I said, "1-10". (We rate everything). 
 "9.5", he said. 
 No way!! 

Giddy chaperons anticipating a week with
no sleep.  (Thank you all!)

John and Davis are clearly eating their Wheaties...

After seeing that face on Deb's Facebook page,
 I was pretty sure this was NOT a 9.5!!

Friday, June 08, 2012

UGA Piano Camp

I cannot say that the most fun Julia will have this summer
will be UGA's Summer Music Camp.  She really didn't love it.
She spent hours and hours in a piano practice room.
Four days straight.  
She's better for it.  
At 11, she's just not quite buying that!
We were proud that she go to go and so proud of what she accomplished.
Way to go Baby Noona, you won't regret this.
Really.  You'll thank me later.  Much later.