Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Southern Belle Birthday

Every summer, we celebrate lots of birthdays.
This summer, we celebrated a big one!

The Evite invitations read:

Well Fiddle Dee Dee! 
Nan is seventy!

There it is.  Right on the world wide web.
And she doesn't even care.
If I am able to swim for miles when I'm seventy,
I won't care either!

We invited some friends for a Southern Belle Luncheon.
Look at them, they are all true Belles, of course.

We played a game of Gone With The Wind Trivia
with questions as easy as:

1) What was the name of the Wilkes' Family plantation?
(Twelve Oaks)

and as difficult as:

2) Another actress was signed to play Carreen, Scarlett's sister before production began.
The role was later given to Ann Rutherford.  Who was the first actress?
(Judy Garland)

We also ate the quintessential Southern Belle staple:
chicken salad.  The recipe is from the quintessential
Southern Belle Magazine: Southern Lady. (May/June 2010 edition)

While I got NO pictures of my tables, flowers, food
or  c l e a n  h o u s e (!!!)
I did snap this quick pic before I gave guests their favors.

While boiled peanuts may not be the preferred food for a lady's luncheon,
you might be surprised how quickly they disappear when no one's looking.

Thanks to these little Belles for all their help.
(Doesn't Kellye look great?  (Julia, too!!)  She says it's Spinach Smoothies! oh yum)

A big Happy Birthday to the Primo Southern Belle! 

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