Monday, July 30, 2012

Whitewater Rafting (or Marie has 9 lives)

It all started at the orthodontist's office.
I ran into Julia's favorite coach of all time - please don't
tell him - and we started talking about crazy things we could do.
Like get in a little air filled raft and go down the Olympic portion
of the upper Ocoee river.  Sure, why not?  We've got this.
They give you helmets. And PFD's.
But to quote my Daddy, "no one can replace a brain."
The adults on this trip surely had lost theirs.  This was crazy.
But it sure was fun.

Here, Marie is pictured on her way out of the raft.
The raft would then run over her and she would spend what
seemed like 2&1/2 hours under it.
Fortunately, everything was fine, but she sure was quiet after
that happened...

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