Monday, October 31, 2011


We love planning, making and buying Halloween costumes.
John and Julia have had some really cute costumes over the years.
John was the Cat in the Hat at three months old thanks to his Aunt Kellye
and we tried to top that every year thereafter.
But this year... I was out of it.
John, of course, is too old to Trick or Treat and Julia
 wanted to do the costume herself.
What!?!?  That's right - by herself.
With the help of some friends, she created a costume without me.
I think that the results were darling.

Pigs in a blanket

As the sun went down, the little pigs
were happy to be in blankets!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Haunted House

I love Halloween.  How can you not?  It's the only
season of the year when pounds and pounds of chocolate
are "buy one, get one free".

Central Presbyterian had a Fall Festival Wednesday night, October 26.
We added a Haunted House for the youth.  Why should the little kids
have all the fun?  Why should they get all the chocolate?

I wish I had more pictures of the entire event, but I was
in "the Dining Room" most of the night.

Setting up a haunted house requires a lot of black plastic...

And atleast 1 coffin with bones...

I worried that this would be too scary for Julia...

By your friends are ye known....hmmm...

This was a lot of fun - but we were so
busy, we didn't get any chocolate.
There's still a chance since Monday is Halloween...

Soccer Playoffs

How cool for both my children that
their football and soccer teams are
U N D E F E A T E D.
John's football team, MBMS, has
not lost a game in three years.
Julia's team has remained undefeated
for the last two seasons, winning
the championship both last spring and fall.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Break

This is such a wonderful time of year, but it's so busy!
We were glad for Fall Break last week - even
though we had a soccer game and football practice.

But we got to take a little trip...
to Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee.

My brother and his family live in Franklin.  We shopped there
and went to Will's baseball game.
Will is younger than the other boys on his team,
but that's not a problem... at all.

(Will Burks of the Franklin Mudcats)

We met the newest addition to the family - Sparky.
(Sparky really is a dog.)

We shopped for boots in Nashville, went to the
Country Music Hall of Fame
 and went to the UGA/Vanderbilt game.

John and Julia on Broadway with
the Silver Cowboy.

(This, too, is a dog.)
The really bizarre on Broadway...

Reba McEntire attire...

Julia's favorite - a dress worn by Carrie Underwood.
The Country Music Hall of Fame is a lot of fun.  Unfortunately,
my pictures of gold records and Elvis' gold plated piano
as well as several "tricked out" Cadillacs were not clear enough to use
as I was using my cell phone.  Our children have been dragged to lots of museums.
They would say that this one was a favorite.

I would bet that this game was the highlight of John's trip. He was disappointed with
the outcome,  (he's not a UGA fan) but the Pancake Pantry made it all better!