Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Summer

In the next four weeks, our family will celebrate as many birthdays.
 We started with De's this week.

We planned to eat a steak dinner, have cake and ice cream
and then go to the driving range. 
Unfortunately, it was a rainy night in Georgia.
We'll hold off on the driving range for the next birthday party!

Julia was the mastermind behind De's cake.  She had the idea for a golf fairway.
I found a great guide on this website. 

She worked really hard and the results were
darling and tasty.

Since we were having a party, we needed a tablescape, right?
 And since it was De's birthday, I thought I would save him at least
one case of indigestion and make sure that all the items
I used were purchased on the cheap.  Guess what? 
This table is almost entirely set with yard and estate sale items
as well as Goodwill finds.

This entire set of china including sugar and creamer
was thrifted.  It is by Victoria and Beale and the
pattern is Williamsburg.  I wasn't familiar
with the company, but thought it was pretty.
The yellow bowl holding fruit was also purchased
on the cheap.  I bought it at a great estate sale earlier in the
month.  The placemats were thrifted as well. So...Happy Birthday, Kenneth!
Of course I was out spending money, but think how much I saved!

These shasta daisies were "pass a longs" from a dear friend,
"Miss" Iris who has passed away.  She gave me so many
beautiful flowers when we moved into our house.  Included with them
is Solomon's Seal also from my yard.  If you have read
my earlier posts, you may know that while my Mama's
thumb is green, I definitely avoided that gene.  If my shasta daisies and
Solomon's Seal are pretty, you know these hearty plants thrive on neglect!

Old medicine bottles make great vases.
This is an old milk of magnesia bottle.
Perfect arrangement to celebrate the
birthday of an old pharmacist!

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  1. A rainy night in Georgia? Really? Why you lucky dawgs. We rejoice over sprinkles in my neck of the woods.

    I really loved your whole table, especially since it was thrifted. Apparently, you are not only getting the rain up there, you're getting the great deals too. I would have scooped up those dishes in a second.

    My favorite part was the use of the old medicine bottles. Just perfect. I love stuff like that.

  2. So fresh and beautiful table! Totally loved everything about it! Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  3. Wow those dishes are fabulous.. I love the designs on them. Great old bottles and I love the flowers.. Happy Fourth, Many blessings, Marlis

  4. Beautiful table setting! I love your thrifted dishes. I am seriously going to have to visit way more thrift shops than I do. Of course, my husband likes to come along, and he can sometimes put the kibosh on my dish buying fun, being the practical one and always insisting we don't have enough storage. It's true, but I can be creative when I really want something.