Friday, May 13, 2011

Ode to "Aint" Bee

This week's tablescape is a salute to one of the pillars of Mayberry: Aunt Bee.

Yes, Andy got all the credit, Barney got all the laughs and Opie got all the lessons.
The truth is, without Aunt Bee they would've gotten nothing.

Aunt Bee was perfectly coiffed at all times and with pearls and apron donned
 could get right down to pickling.

I do love Aunt Bee's pearls, pickles (kerosene cucumbers) and aprons... but I especially love her china!
I'll be using Johnson Brothers Blue Willow (amazingly similar to Aunt Bee's) for supper Thursday night.
It's a special night.  We'll be celebrating Honors Day at John's school.  We've invited some special  guests... but not Clara...
no matter how good her pickles are.

Clara Edwards
Graduate Sweetbrier Normal School
Expert Pickler

Blue Willow can stand alone.
It's timeless.  It's classic.
It's so Aunt Bee.

Then I remembered a fun little set that I just got at Goodwill:

This salad plate adds some pizzaz, it jazzes things up.
It's so Aunt Bee... the later years.
You remember when Aunt Bee decided to be independent and she bought a restaurant.
No?  You need more TV Land.

... It was a Chinese Restaurant ...

In addition to Aunt Bee's Johnson Brothers Blue Willow,
I am using Sweet Swirl stemware by Noritake
and Old Atlanta sterling by Wallace.
Permastone Sahara Blue is the second salad plate.
The coffee pot is Johnson Brothers,
tablecloth from ebay,
napkins from Steinmart
and napkin rings from Belk.


  1. What a perfect tablesetting to Honor Aunt Bee. I love that show! Barney was my favorite and I didn't like it as much much he left. Love the blue and white. Joni

  2. MY goodness, that is just a gorgeous table!
    The hydranges and the china and the ode to Aunt Bee! My hubby's all time favorite old time show!

  3. very Aunt Bee! she reminds me of my grandma Gignac when I was little. Love the and white

  4. what a lovely table. Aunt Bee was great! Miss that show.

  5. A pretty setting and fun post! Love your Ma's advice:@)

  6. Blue Willow. My mother bought them when I was a little girl at the Winn-Dixie store in NC, same state as Aunt Bee lived in, you know. And when I saw them at our Kroger store in OH some months ago, I had to have a few plates! I waited until they were marked down to $1.50 apiece! Six plates and six mugs. I'm a happy belle!

  7. I do remember that episode. I'm an Andy Griffith fanatic too, and I love Aunt Bee. My mother reminds me so much of her.

    I love Blue Willow, too. Your table is so pretty. I love the hydrangeas in the BW pitcher in the middle. You're right that it could stand alone, but I love what you did to jazz it up.

    I am anxious to get back to playing with dishes. Life has been running me ragged. I need a little front porch swinging Mayberry Style.