Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

Mama and I got busy Wednesday planning our Memorial Day Supper
(yes, supper) that we actually had Saturday night.  My nephew, Will, had a
baseball game Monday night, so they needed
 to leave early Monday to go back to Tennessee.

After swimming Saturday afternoon, we had a Kansas City Style Rib Dinner.
These ribs were really good!  Find the recipe for the rub here.
We followed Meathead's directions found here and had a superb meal.

You just can't eat ribs without making a mess...

...or anything else for that matter...

And while we played - we remembered that the freedom for us to gather and to play
is a very expensive gift.  We are thankful for those who bought it for us.


  1. I just clicked to that rub recipe. I have ribs in the freezer right now so this comes at a great time.

    *And I'm ashamed to admit that I make a royal mess of myself eating BBQed ribs, too.

  2. Man, those ribs look good. Makes me hungry. Love the pic of the kids eating. Thanks for sharing, looks like everyone had a great time. Make it another great weekend. Ginger